Kittens have been born!

If you are interested in kittens, please send me a request and I'll inform you when kitten are born and available.

FI*Purppuralinnan is a Ragdoll breeder in Koski Tl, Finland.

FI*Purppuralinnan is a registered breeder with Suomen Kissaliitto which is the Finnish FiFe member. I'm committed to breeding healthy Ragdolls that are friendly, social and typical of the breed. As a breeder I believe in high quality, practicality and responsibility. I am a member of Turun Rotukissayhdistys which belongs to FiFe through Suomen Kissaliitto and a member of Ragdoll breed club Finnish Ragdoll Cat Club.

All kittens are living in the house with us as family members. They get lots of love & cuddles, high quality food, handling and individual care so they grow up as healthy, balanced and happy kittens.

I sell kittens only for responsible homes. I hope you tell me something about you and what kind of a kitten you are looking for in the kitten inquiry.

Pet kitten

Pet kittens are healthy kittens with friendly character. They cannot be used in breeding and they are sold neutered. It's possible to take part in shows with them, but some cats may be in contrary to the breeding standard (colour or shape) and that reduces their chances to success in shows. For those who are interested in shows we recommend a breeding kitten.

Price: 1300 €

Foster kitten

A foster cat / kitten lives in foster home but the breeder owns it. Fosterers are needed because we don't have enough room for all our breeding cats. A foster can be either female or male. Price depends on the contract. For example the number of litters and raising place of kittens affect the price. After fixed term foster period the fosterer will own the cat. The contract is always made to meet the needs of both breeder and fosterer.

Price: 350-850 €

Breeding kitten

A breeding kitten is evaluated as a promising kitten and to meet the breeding standards. There are no obvious mistakes that would reduce its chances to success in shows (however future success cannot be guaranted) or in breeding. Breeding cats are sold in full breeding rights and only to registered breeders.

Price: 1800-2500 €

Sales process

If you are interested in kittens, please send me a kitten inquiry. I'll inform you when kittens are born and available. You can also make a tentative reservation of a kitten at any time by contacting me my email. Tentative reservations will be a priority when kittens are available. However, you won't be bound to buy a kitten.

Responsibility is a important to me and I hope you'll tell me something about yourself and what kind of a kitten you wish to have when making the tentative reservation.

You can make a pre-reservation of a kitten based on our discussions and photos when kittens are 4-5 weeks old.

I hope you'll come and visit us and view the kitten before making the final decision. Kittens can be viewed when they are 5-7 weeks old. The reservation is made by paying the deposit of 350 €. The deposit will hold your kitten your chosen kitten and it'll be deducted from the total price. The deposit is refunded only if I'm unable to sell the kitten.

The kitten is sold when it's fully paid and homed to its new owner.

All kittens are sold

At least 14 weeks old
Registered (Suomen Kissaliitto, the Finnish FiFe member)
With sales contract of Suomen Kissaliitto
Checked by vet
Litter trained
With started package and information booklet

I’m happy to answer your questions about ragdolls & kittens!

Eeva Kattelus
[email protected]
Katteluksentie 15, 31500 Koski Tl

If you are interested in kittens, please send me a request and I'll inform you when kitten are born and available.